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ParallelShow by Frau Edixa: St. Gallen, Switzerland – Long Beach, California USA

Film is loaded and exposed for the first time in St. Gallen Switzerland then it travels over the big pond to Long Beach, California. It is then rewound and exposed again. Each three pictures are simultaneously exhibited in Long Beach, CA and St. Gallen, CH: 2 pairs and 2 singles. 

The City of Long Beach, CA becomes part of the joint exhibition along with the Fafou gallery in Oberuzwil,  St.Gallen in Switzerland. The photographs in Long Beach - where the sun is always shining - are shown outdoor where one of the layers has been captured... Thank you Celeste, thank you Michael! 

Old world meets new world - two realities create a new place. Time and spatial distance are bypassed. During the opening night at fafou the two venues have been virtually connect. Hi there!

Long Beach California - somewhere;) 

Switzerland, Fafou gallery


100% analog photographic work

• Double exposure with an Edixa-MAT REFLEX mod. D-L, year 1963; leading to the typical double framed images.

• Developed and enlarged in Sohmers Legendary Analog Chamber (SLAK Laboratory)

• Silver Gelatin Print

• Manual Split-Grade Printing (to see at the gallery and in Long Beach - what you see right here are negativ scans)


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